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Our tobacco shop is very special, we stock a large variety of fine hand rolled cigars and tobacco products.

Our humidor in Hollywood is one of Miami’s most complete sources of fine hand rolled cigars.

As are our hand rolled house cigars.

A little bit of cigar history:

Americas early inhabitants smoked tobacco for thousands of years before the Europeans discovered the continent.

The use of tobacco in Europe became generalized in the early 19th century when trade with America became regular.

Pipe tobacco and hand-rolled cigars in particular became common cargo on the ships coming from the Colonies.

Eventually every tobacco shop in Europe sold American grown tobacco.

Nowhere else in the world tobacco became a part of the culture than in Cuba. During the 18th century it became its top agricultural product. It permeated into every aspect of their culture.

Free trade of tobacco from Cuba to the rest of the world began in 1817 after King Ferdinand VII opened trade restrictions allowing Cuban tobacco to be shipped via Spanish ports. Shortly thereafter Cuban cigars were sold everywhere.   Learn More…

The process:

Tobacco processing begins with the planting, harvesting, curing, blending and rolling of the leafs to produce different types of cigars, much in the same way it was done for thousands of years.

Climate and soil quality gives tobacco its unique flavor. While most experts agree that Cuban climate and soil yield the finest tobacco in the world. Central American growers have replicated almost identically the conditions required to produce world class tobacco. Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan leafs are descendants from Tabaco Negro Cubano seeds brought out of Cuba after the revolution, and as such are of superior quality.

Wrapper leafs are grown in the shade under cotton muslin sheets, while  binder leafs  are fully exposed to the sun.

After harvesting the leafs, they are placed in barns to dry, during this process, called curing the leafs are carefully monitored controlling air flow,  sun light and temperature, in order to achieve  the desired results. Wrapper leaves are air cured for 25 days. Binder and filler leaves cure in about 45 days.

Only then they are ready for manufacturing.

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